Creating a new website should be fun, inspiring, and easy. 

I design websites using Squarespace, an all-inclusive service that offers web hosting, domain registration, and web-building tools all in one platform. They have beautiful, mobile-ready website templates that can be easily customized and offer built-in search engine optimization, as well as analytics that help you track visits to your site. The websites are incredibly simple to manage, which means lower maintenance costs for you, and the option to do some changes yourself if you want to!

I can design you a custom website that caters to your specific needs and has a unique look. I will guide you through each step of the design, from initial concept to the small details, and in the end you will have a beautiful site that will do your business proud!

An example of this is a website I designed for the Diamond Approach group in Colorado. We worked together to pick out a template that would suit them, and then I walked them through what they needed on their website, making sure all the important areas were covered. I created a look and feel that supported their message and made sure the website was easy to navigate. I also set up SEO (search engine optimization) and Google Analytics to help them track their web traffic.

Check out my blog post for some tips to help you get started.