Embracing the New

I live in a world of change: rapidly changing technology, aesthetics, and world views effect my job as a designer in every way. I know that change can be hard, I’m the first to admit that I resist change every time, but once you get over that first impulse to dig in your heels it gets easier. I promise!

One thing I see clients resist is diving into social media. There can sometimes be a feeling that social media is a bit frivolous, not a solid way to get your business noticed like taking an ad out in the newspaper. But with the changing way people are getting their news (Facebook feed, anyone?) this is view is detrimental to your business. I don’t expect you to instantly like Facebook, but at least see it as a tool to help advance your business.  It does take a perception shift, but I believe even the most cynical social media user can still get benefit out of it.

As with everything, it gets easier to use social media over time. You get used to the tone and the pace, and when you get positive feedback it helps keep you going.

So I say, get out there and face your fears!